Molecular Staging and Metastatic State Prediction

Accurately predict tumor progression rate and metastasis analysis

Tumor Molecular Profiling & Monitoring

Prediction of Metastasis Occurrence

There are many scenarios in which metastasis is a lethal outcome of cancer. Estimates suggest that metastasis is responsible for about 90% of cancer deaths. By using AI technology and genetic markers in blood plasma, we can assess whether a case is curable and determine the necessary steps to ensure a patient’s survival. This screening service works similarly to our diagnostic and staging processes but uses a new algorithm that targets biomarkers specific to the metastasis process. This screening enables us to determine how fast a tumor is growing, how much it has grown in the past, and how fast it will continue to grow based on the data presented. The ability to diagnose metastasis presents amazing potential for increasing the survival rate of patients. As more data is provided over time, we can decrease the time it takes to diagnose the progression of metastatic tumors, giving patients more time to plan a successful treatment plan.

Rayca Precision

Scientific Specifications

Evaluate your patient’s overall condition to estimate the probability of metastasis occurrence and identify the target tissue.

Prediction of Metastasis Occurrence and Probability

Prediction of Target Tissue of Metastasis

Tumor Molecular Subtype

Tumor Staging Based on Molecular Profiling

Prediction of Metastasis Occurrence and Probability

Using an AI algorithm and gene expression profiles, you can predict the probability of metastasis occurrence.

The aim of this solution is to provide information about the overall invasiveness of cancer. It evaluates your patient’s condition to estimate the probability of metastasis occurrence and the targeted tissue. Whether metastasis has occurred or not, this service provides information about the expression levels of metastatic-related genes, giving you an overview of the different metastatic steps of your patient. Additionally, the exact molecular staging is an excellent feature of this service that can accurately classify your patient based on their gene expression profile. You can use this package to plan chemotherapy, estimate future surgery options, monitor the invasiveness of cancer in your patient, identify which metastasis-related processes are progressing inside the tumor, and even prevent metastasis before it occurs.

Prediction of Target Tissue of Metastasis

The target of cancer metastasis is a crucial factor in patient survival. The combination of metastasis probability and its target can provide an opportunity to quickly screen the target tissue, trace, and halt metastasis at its early stages.

A profile of essential differentially expressed genes in metastasis with visualizations

There are some very important genes whose deregulation critically impacts the occurrence of metastasis. These genes are mostly involved in metastasis-related pathways, such as angiogenesis, epithelial-mesenchymal transition, and cell migration. Here, we will provide information on the overexpression or downregulation of these genes, along with detailed statistical information. Then, we will give you details of the role of deregulated genes and their impact on cancer progression.

Pathway Analysis Results Will Be Reported To The Oncologists

Table of all Cancer Related Pathways, Clustogram of Significant Pathways

Biological pathways are crucial in human cells. However, if they become deregulated, they can cause various consequences. Some of these pathways can be involved in metastasis. Here, we will show you the state of each of these pathways and provide you with the information needed about their role in cancer metastasis if they are deregulated.

Patients are staged based on their metastatic state and the molecular profile of genes that are important in metastasis and cancer progression

For cancer staging, mostly pathological methods are used, which can be very time-consuming. However, pathology images can sometimes detect cancer in its early stages, while its expression profile may indicate a higher grade. Our AI algorithm has been trained to accurately stage cancer based on its expression profiles. In addition to staging, the platform provides information about the genes and pathways involved in that particular stage.

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No! Rayca Precision specializes in running complex computations on patient data to extract high-level insights and make precise predictions on the patients’ clinical outcomes in order to design the most efficient treatment plan. All the required data comes from hospitals, clinical research centers, medical laboratories, and authorized affiliates of our partners who are the providers of the aforementioned patient data.


Rayca Precision accepts FASTQ files (Raw Sequencing Files) for any type of analysis requested by the user. Additionally, we also accept processed files such as count matrices.

Not at all! No preprocessing needs to be done on the data. Rayca requires the raw FASTQ files. All processing steps, including alignment, quality control, variant calling, variant annotation, and downstream analysis, will be performed in an automated workflow within Rayca’s precision data processing pipelines. Finally, the annotated data points will be ready for machine learning predictions.

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