Classification of Tumors with Unknown Origin

Prediction of tumors in cancers of unknown primary

Cancer Origin Identification

Rayca has developed an innovative approach to classify tumors with unknown origins and primary sites by utilizing gene expression data. Through the analysis of more than 50,000 genes expressed in a patient’s blood sample, Rayca’s technology can identify patterns in biomarkers that offer critical insights into the tumor’s growth rate and potential. By leveraging data pipelines and AI technology, this genetic data can be efficiently and accurately analyzed. Without the support of AI, the process of sorting through vast amounts of data would be inefficient and time-consuming.


Rayca Precision

Technical Specifications

With access to more complex data, our AI system will make new discoveries in detecting the origin of tumors

Advanced Tumor Classification Implemented through AI and Biomarkers

Prediction of Tumors in Cancers of Unknown Primary (CUP)

Assisting Treatment Planning and Monitoring

Quick and Accurate Classification of 40 Tumor Types

Clinical Insights

This solution aims to classify tumors with an unknown origin and primary based on gene expression data. The package provides general information on the gene expression levels of cancer patients and their molecular profile. This information can be valuable for identifying the type of cancer, making treatment decisions, gaining an overall understanding of the patient’s condition, planning treatment, and monitoring patients on a molecular level.

Prediction of Tumors in Cancers of Unknown Primary (CUP)

Instead of obtaining a physical sample of the tumor, we collect its expression data and use it to predict its origin. For instance, if a tumor is observed in the lung but its origin is unknown, we can use our model to predict where it may have originated based on its expression profile.

Molecular Matching of Blood Cancers

A profile of essential differentially expressed genes with graphs (Volcano Plot, Bar Plot, and Condition Description) is presented. Some gene expression levels are critical in all types of cancer. This report provides a gene profile, and the results will be given to the oncologist for further information and treatment decision making. Additionally, a report with a description of significantly differentially expressed genes will be provided.

Pathway Enrichment Analysis Will Be Reported To The Oncologists

Table of all Cancer Related Pathways, Clustogram of Significant Pathways

Important cancer-related pathways are listed here. Those with significant deregulation will be reported to the oncologist. A description of the patient’s overall condition based on the deregulated pathway will be provided. All pathways with deregulated genes will be reported, and a summary of the condition will be given for each pathway deregulation.

With accuracy and speed, patients will be provided with the best case scenario for a successful treatment plan.

More Capabilities

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Frequently Asked Questions

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It will take only up to 72 hours to fully process the orders, and the results will be delivered to you. The brief scientific reports, as well as necessary supplemental files, will be available for you to download in your highly secure portal.

For most orders, it will take much less than 24 hours to be processed.

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Rayca Precision only offers services to healthcare professionals and medical practitioners. Furthermore, all of our services require the supervision of medical professionals and scientists to be applied to clinical settings and decision-making processes.

If you are a patient who is interested in having Rayca Precision solutions applied to your clinical decision-making process, please contact your healthcare provider or doctor and express your interest in Rayca Precision Solutions. They can then reach out to us directly.

Additionally, you can ask our team to check if Rayca Precision has any partnerships with your healthcare provider. In this case, we can assist you in establishing negotiations with your provider and ensuring that Rayca solutions will be applied to your treatment and clinical decision-making process under the supervision of your doctor.

Rayca Precision offers its solutions to any healthcare provider and research institutes, including hospitals, private practitioners, laboratories, sequencing centers, as well as cellular and molecular biology departments.

No! Rayca Precision specializes in running complex computations on patient data to extract high-level insights and make precise predictions on the patients’ clinical outcomes in order to design the most efficient treatment plan. All the required data comes from hospitals, clinical research centers, medical laboratories, and authorized affiliates of our partners who are the providers of the aforementioned patient data.


Rayca Precision accepts FASTQ files (Raw Sequencing Files) for any type of analysis requested by the user. Additionally, we also accept processed files such as count matrices.

Not at all! No preprocessing needs to be done on the data. Rayca requires the raw FASTQ files. All processing steps, including alignment, quality control, variant calling, variant annotation, and downstream analysis, will be performed in an automated workflow within Rayca’s precision data processing pipelines. Finally, the annotated data points will be ready for machine learning predictions.

Yes, Rayca Precision provides you with access to end-to-end encrypted storage to upload your sequencing data. This is a free service for all Rayca Precision clients and will not cost you any additional fees.

Yes! Rayca Precision grants you access to a secure portal to manage your Rayca account.

You are able to manage your orders, payments, invoices, and the results of your orders (analytical reports, files, scientific documents, etc.) all in one place using our highly secure web application portal.

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