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Here's How We Will Treat Cancer Diseases and Conduct Clinical Research in the Future

Rayca Is A Breakthrough In Precision Oncology and Clinical Research

Rayca is striving to implement this procedure to lower the overall risk of cancer, which poses a significant threat to patients’ lives. Eventually, this approach will become a crucial and distinctive measure in the fight against this devastating disease.

Something Revolutionary Is Being Made Here

In the realm of precision oncology medicine, the advent of High-Throughput Transcriptome Profiling and the meticulous scrutiny of patient-specific data independently bestow an unprecedented capacity to refine personalized treatments. Yet, a synergistic integration of these two cutting-edge modalities could engender an advancement of oncology medicine that surpasses the limits of imagination. By introducing two nascent phenomena whose intricacies are only beginning to be comprehended, the potential for innovative breakthroughs is nigh boundless.


A Brand New Analytical Platform for Clinical Research Industry

We believe that by supporting researchers in their quest to understand the underlying mechanisms of biology and disease, we can contribute to the advancement of knowledge, speeding up the research and ultimately improve the quality of life for people around the world.

Next Level Precision Oncology

Rayca Precision Predictive Platform to Transform Precision Oncology

Tumor Origin Detection

Classification of Tumors with Unknown Origin

Drug Response Prediction

Drug Pairs & Single Drug Response

Rayca is a breakthrough in Precision Oncology

Molecular Profiling

We aspire to conduct a precise analysis of the molecular characteristics of a patient, as well as their specific tumor and cancer affliction in this instance.

Accurate Predictions

We would therefore be able to accurately predict the recurrence and/or regression of tumors, as well as make valid predictions about a cancer patient’s survival in this instance.

Classification of Tumors with Unknown Origin

Classify the Types of Tumors and Identify Their Primary Location

Classification of tumors with unknown origin involves the identification and categorization of tumors whose primary site of origin cannot be determined through standard diagnostic procedures.

Identifying the Origin of Tumors Through Analysis of Gene Expression Data

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Molecular Staging and Metastatic State Prediction

Accurately Predict Tumor Progression Rate and Metastasis Analysis

Metastasis is common in cancer, where tumor cells spread from their primary location. Recognizing genetic patterns quickly is important for catching metastasis. Speed and accuracy in diagnosis are critical for determining survival rates.

Cancer Staging with Genes: Matching Molecular Profile and Metastasis

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Drug Response Prediction

Pharmacogenomic Analysis

In the last decade or so, it has been discovered that drugs can have adverse effects on patients, and by examining a patient's genetic markers, these effects can be predicted.

Recommend Personalized Treatments Based on a Patient's Genetic Footprint

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Patient Survival Prediction

Patient Prognosis Analysis: Accurately Predict Patient Survival Rate

In order to create a proper treatment plan for a patient, it is imperative to know the exact rate at which a tumor is progressing. This provides an accurate estimate of how long a patient has to receive effective treatment and at what rate they must receive it.

Authentic Estimation of Survival Rates of Patients Based on Their Genetic Footprint

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Lifesaving Technology

Rayca aims to be a foremost, preeminent, acclaimed, and highly influential company that seeks to vigorously propel a unique and ideal set of strategies to treat and hopefully diminish the prevalence of this devastating disease significantly in the not-too-distant future.