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Here’s How We Diagnose & Treat Cancer Diseases In Future

Rayca Is A Breakthrough In Precision Oncology

Rayca endeavors towards this procedure to reduce the overall risk of cancer as a threat to the lives of patients and eventually become a unique as well as an essential measure in the fight against this devastating disease. 

Something Revolutionary Is Being Made Here

When it comes to precision oncology medicine, both High-Throughput Genome Profiling as well as Precision Analysis of the patient data on their own hold the ability to enhance personalized treatments in a way that has never been available, but when put together, oncology medicine could advance further and faster than imaginable. By introducing two new phenomena that we are only a few years into understanding, the possibilities are almost endless.

Early stage cancer Diagnostics

Advanced diagnosis implemented through AI and biomarkers

The first step in the cancer process is diagnosis. A fast and accurate diagnosis can build a strong foundation for understanding how a particular case should be approached. This can make all the difference in the life of a patient. At Rayca, we promise to provide both a quick and accurate diagnosis that will give you the tools to move forward successfully.

Cancer Origin Prediction Through Expression Data

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Molecular Staging and Metastatic State Prediction

Accurately Predict tumor Progression rate and metastasis analysis

In many cancer cases, we observe metastasis, which is the growth of a tumor cell from its primary location. By recognizing genetic patterns, we are able to catch tumor cells in the process of metastasis very quickly. This is similar to diagnosis, where speed and accuracy are very important factors in determining the survival rate in a particular case.

Staging Patient Based on Metastatic State and Molecular Profile of Genes Important in Metastasis and Cancer Progression

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Drug Recommendation

Pharmacogenomic analysis

In the last decade or so, it has been found that drugs can have adverse effects on patients, and that these effects can be predicted by looking at a patient's genetic markers.

recommend Personalized treatments based on patient genomic profile

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Prognosis Analysis and Patient Monitoring

Patient Prognosis Analysis: Accurately predict patient survival rate

In order to create a proper treatment plan for a patient, it is imperative to know at exactly what rate a tumor is progressing. This provides for an accurate estimate for how long a patient has to receive effective treatment, and at what rate they must receive it.

Authentic estimation of survival rates of patients based on its genetic footprint

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Next Level Precision Medicine

Rayca Precision Oncology Services

Tumor Origin Detection

Early stage cancer Diagnostics

Drug Response Prediction

Drug Pairs & Single Drug Response

AI in Cancer Biology

Rayca is a breakthrough in Precision Oncology

Molecular Profiling

We’re aspiring towards a precise analysis of the molecular characteristics of a patient together with their specific tumor and cancer affliction in this instance.

Accurate Predictions

We would therefore be able to accurately predict the recurrence and or regression of  tumors as well as valid predictions of a cancer patient’s survival would be ascertained in this instance.

life Saving Technology

Rayca thus aims to be a thoroughly foremost, preeminent, acclaimed and highly influential company that seeks to vigorously propel this unique and ideal set of strategies to treat as well as hopefully diminish the prevalence of this certainly devastating disease in a significant manner within the not too distant future.