Rayca Precision

Rayca Is A Breakthrough In Precision Drug Discovery and Clinical Research

Rayca Precision is a pioneering force at the intersection of AI and bioinformatics, driving transformative advancements in clinical and preclinical research. Our core mission is to accelerate drug discovery, reshape precision oncology, and elevate the understanding of intricate biological systems.

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From accelerating drug discovery to optimizing personalized clinical research .

AI Based Predictions

Empowering Personalized Treatment Decisions for Optimal Outcomes

Predictive Drug Responses, Tailored to Your Research

Unlock the power of AI-driven predictions. OncoCrest™ analyzes transcriptomic sequencing data to provide personalized insights into drug responses, enabling clinical scientists to make informed decisions for individualized treatment strategies.

Stratified Patient Analysis, Unveiling New Avenues

Navigate cancer heterogeneity with confidence. OncoCrest™ utilizes advanced bioinformatics and deep learning to stratify patients based on genetic and molecular traits, revolutionizing treatment planning and paving the way for targeted therapies.

Bridging Research and Clinical Practice

Elevate evidence-based decision-making. OncoCrest™ seamlessly integrates public and curated datasets, closing the gap between research and clinical practice. Discover insights that drive advancements in cancer treatment and care.

Comprehensive Survival Analysis for Informed Choices

Uncover the future with survival insights. OncoCrest™ empowers you to predict patient outcomes, evaluate treatment efficacy, and delve into prognostic analyses. Make confident decisions backed by data for enhanced research outcomes.

Fusion Gene Analysis for Novel Targets

Explore the frontier of cancer mechanisms. OncoCrest™ detects and characterizes fusion events, predicting the folding of fusion proteins. Unearth novel therapeutic targets and dive into mechanistic exploration for innovative treatment strategies.

Personalized Prognostic Insights

See beyond the horizon of patient outcomes. OncoCrest™ offers survival analysis, cohort comparisons, and confidence intervals, enabling you to predict prognosis, identify risk factors, and guide therapeutic development with precision.

Next Level Precision Oncology

Rayca Precision Predictive Platform to Transform Precision Oncology

Tumor Origin Detection

Classification of Tumors with Unknown Origin

Molecular Staging and Metastasis

Tumor Profiling

Prognosis Analysis and Patient Monitoring

Survival Prediction

Drug Response Prediction

Drug Pairs & Single Drug Response

Rayca is a breakthrough in Precision Oncology

Molecular Profiling

We aspire to conduct a precise analysis of the molecular characteristics of a patient, as well as their specific tumor and cancer affliction in this instance.

Accurate Predictions

We would therefore be able to accurately predict the recurrence and/or regression of tumors, as well as make valid predictions about a cancer patient’s survival in this instance.

Our Platforms: RSA2™ and OncoCrest™

RSA2™: Accelerating Insights in Bioinformatics

Experience a seamless journey from data to discovery with RSA2™. Dive into the world of automated bioinformatics analysis, empowering you to unravel complex genetic insights, predict 3D protein structures, and streamline your research processes. Explore RSA2™ and revolutionize your approach to precision medicine and drug development.

OncoCrest™: Precision Oncology Redefined

Elevate your oncology research with OncoCrest™, where AI-powered predictive insights guide treatment decisions and advance cancer care. Harness the potential of fusion event identification, protein folding prediction, and survival analysis to drive precision medicine forward. Embark on a journey to redefine personalized cancer research with OncoCrest™.

Explore Our Expertise: Download Whitepapers

Delve into the forefront of precision medicine and advanced bioinformatics by accessing our comprehensive whitepapers. Explore the groundbreaking capabilities of OncoCrest™ and RSA2™ through detailed analyses, case studies, and research highlights. Download our whitepapers to discover how Rayca Precision is shaping the future of healthcare, research, and innovation.

From Transcriptome to Proteome

From RNA-Seq to Insightful Fusion Protein Folding: Unveiling the Future with RSA2™

Personalized Treatment Roadmaps

Our AI-powered framework transforms gene expression data into actionable insights. OncoCrest™ predicts how specific treatments will impact individual patients, providing a roadmap for personalized treatment strategies that target the unique characteristics of each tumor.

Accelerating Progress

By deciphering the language of gene expression, OncoCrest™ accelerates the pace of research and therapeutic development. Our advanced analytics enable rapid identification of potential drug candidates and enhance the efficiency of clinical trials.

Empowering Your Academic Research

Bioinformatics Excellence for Universities, Hospitals and Research Initiatives

As a research leader and educator, you understand the critical intersection of data and discovery. In the world of academia, unraveling the complexities of genomics and bioanalytical data has become an essential pursuit. At Rayca Precision, we’re not just your partners in bioinformatics; we’re your co-pilots on the journey of knowledge creation. We understand that the foundation of impactful research lies in empowering you and your team with the skills and insights needed to navigate the intricacies of data-driven discoveries.

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Unveiling Our Vision: Shaping the future of Bioinformatics and AI in drug discovery and clinical research.

OncoCrest™ Introduction Video

Dive into the predictive power of AI in precision oncology. Learn how OncoCrest™ use gene signatures to predict.

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Uncover the transformative capabilities of RSA2™ in preclinical, clinical research and drug discovery.