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Rayca Precision isn’t just a name – it’s a global force driving innovation in the fields of genomics, bioinformatics, and precision medicine. With a steadfast commitment to advancing research, discovery, and patient care, our impact knows no boundaries. From laboratories to clinics, research institutions to pharmaceutical companies, our presence resonates across continents, making a profound difference in the way we understand and approach genetics.

Registered Office Address


71-75 Shelton Street

Covent Garden, London



United Kingdom, Switzerland, and EEA

71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ | info[at]raycabio.com

United States and Canada

East Coast | David M. Rizzo | iam.davidrizzo[at]raycabio.com

East Coast | Michael P. Krasevic | iam.mike[at]raycabio.com

Central | Kurt S. Knight | iam.kurt[at]raycabio.com

West Coast | Dean Massee | iam.deanmassee[at]raycabio.com

Indiana | Paul A. Beltran | iam.paulbeltran[at]raycabio.com

Australia, New Zealand and Singapore

Sriganesh Srihari | [email protected]

Latin America

Samuel J. Palacios | spalacios[at]raycabio.com

Rayca Precision Vision Intro Video

Unveiling Our Vision: Shaping the future of Bioinformatics and AI in drug discovery and clinical research.

OncoCrest™ Introduction Video

Dive into the predictive power of AI in precision oncology. Learn how OncoCrest™ use gene signatures to predict.

RSA2™ Introduction Video

Uncover the transformative capabilities of RSA2™ in preclinical, clinical research and drug discovery.