AI Based Drug Recommendation

Precise drug prescription to fight against cancer

Genetically Identified Pharmacology

Single & Paired Drug Response Prediction

In the last decade or so, it has been discovered that drugs can have adverse effects on patients, and that these effects can be predicted by examining a patient’s genetic markers. For most of history, it was believed that pharmaceutical drugs had identical effects on every person. However, recent studies have shown that an individual’s genetic profile can influence how they react to certain substances. This breakthrough has been revolutionary in pharmaceutical medicine, and its potential applications are almost limitless. In oncology medicine, for example, a patient’s genetic data can be used to determine the most suitable medication for them. The field of pharmacogenomics opens the door to precision prescribing, which examines every aspect of a patient’s health to determine how they might respond to certain medications and the most effective dosages for them.

Rayca Precision

Scientific Specifications

With accurate data, we can prevent errors in drug prescription and equip oncologists with the necessary tools for seamless treatment plans

Optimized Single & Paired Drug Prescription

Personalized Treatment Plan Based on Tumor Genetic

Predict Drug Response Rate for Patients

Anticipate Drug Resistance On Certain Conditions

A Table of Cancer Sensitive, Resistance and Indifferent drugs

Here, we will divide drugs into three categories: sensitive, resistant, and indifferent drugs. Sensitive drugs are highly recommended and can effectively kill cancer cells based on patients’ expression profile. Resistant drugs are those to which patients may be resistant, and treatment based on those drugs may not be effective for the patient. Indifferent drugs are those that our algorithm did not identify as having any resistant or sensitive profile.

Drug Impact On Transcriptomics

We have predicted which genes make cancer cells sensitive or resistant to specific drugs. Based on expression data, we can predict which drugs are preferred for the patient's treatment and which drugs should not be used

A creative algorithm will predict the role of each drug on important gene expression levels of your patient based on their expression profile. This will be very useful when considering changes in the expression of oncogenic and tumor suppressor genes. Some drugs might have negative consequences on patients, and this algorithm has been designed exactly for that purpose. We will provide you with a table of genes and pathways that drugs might disturb during treatment and a brief summary of that.

This breakthrough has been revolutionary in precision prescription, and the areas in which it can be applied are almost endless

More Capabilities

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Drug Pairs & Single Drug Response

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding the technical or operational aspects of our services that are not covered in the FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our support team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


It will take only up to 72 hours to fully process the orders, and the results will be delivered to you. The brief scientific reports, as well as necessary supplemental files, will be available for you to download in your highly secure portal.

For most orders, it will take much less than 24 hours to be processed.

All orders must be placed through the Rayca Precision Portal, which is accessible via “”. If you are not yet a verified user and do not have login credentials, kindly send a request for account activation. We will activate your account and send you the login credentials shortly.

Rayca Precision only offers services to healthcare professionals and medical practitioners. Furthermore, all of our services require the supervision of medical professionals and scientists to be applied to clinical settings and decision-making processes.

If you are a patient who is interested in having Rayca Precision solutions applied to your clinical decision-making process, please contact your healthcare provider or doctor and express your interest in Rayca Precision Solutions. They can then reach out to us directly.

Additionally, you can ask our team to check if Rayca Precision has any partnerships with your healthcare provider. In this case, we can assist you in establishing negotiations with your provider and ensuring that Rayca solutions will be applied to your treatment and clinical decision-making process under the supervision of your doctor.

Rayca Precision offers its solutions to any healthcare provider and research institutes, including hospitals, private practitioners, laboratories, sequencing centers, as well as cellular and molecular biology departments.

No! Rayca Precision specializes in running complex computations on patient data to extract high-level insights and make precise predictions on the patients’ clinical outcomes in order to design the most efficient treatment plan. All the required data comes from hospitals, clinical research centers, medical laboratories, and authorized affiliates of our partners who are the providers of the aforementioned patient data.


Rayca Precision accepts FASTQ files (Raw Sequencing Files) for any type of analysis requested by the user. Additionally, we also accept processed files such as count matrices.

Not at all! No preprocessing needs to be done on the data. Rayca requires the raw FASTQ files. All processing steps, including alignment, quality control, variant calling, variant annotation, and downstream analysis, will be performed in an automated workflow within Rayca’s precision data processing pipelines. Finally, the annotated data points will be ready for machine learning predictions.

Yes, Rayca Precision provides you with access to end-to-end encrypted storage to upload your sequencing data. This is a free service for all Rayca Precision clients and will not cost you any additional fees.

Yes! Rayca Precision grants you access to a secure portal to manage your Rayca account.

You are able to manage your orders, payments, invoices, and the results of your orders (analytical reports, files, scientific documents, etc.) all in one place using our highly secure web application portal.

To access the secure dashboard, you need to have an activated Rayca account and orders. If you have not yet activated your Rayca account, you can easily submit your account activation request. We will activate your account within 24 hours and send you the login credentials shortly thereafter.