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Every year, there are millions of cancer cases that are seen by many oncologists, and each of these situations is slightly different from the others. This is because there are so many variables at play that can change the entire process. These factors include the type of cancer being dealt with, the stage in which the cancer is in, environmental factors, and even the genetic profile of the patient. With such a complex set of factors to consider, it can be very difficult for oncologists to suggest a treatment plan that is tailored to the patient. For these reasons, we acknowledged a great benefit from connecting patients to others who have shown similarities in their cases. Although it would be almost impossible to match two patients with the exact same conditions, we would be able to match very similar cases, which would provide patients with a better idea of what their treatment will look like, and aspects of treatment that can not be explained by AI. By connecting patients to real people who have experienced similar problems, we can provide the human element that is missing in our alternative solution plans. With the combination of AI technology as well as human to human interaction, patients can feel confident in their treatment plans and get through knowing that they are not alone in their fight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Rayca Precision Products & Services


It will take only 24 hours to process the orders and the report will be available to download in your protected dashboard.

All the orders must be place via Rayca Precision dashboard accessible through “”. If you are not a verified customer yet, send an account activation request first. we will activate your account in a very short time.

Rayca is only offer services to healthcare professionals and medical practitioners. If you are a patient willing to use Rayca Precision services in your clinical decision making process, contact your provider or doctor.

Rayca Precision offer services to any healthcare provider, including hospitals, private practitioners, laboratories, diagnostics or pathology centers and cellular and molecular departments. 


Rayca Precision takes NGS FASTQ files for any type of analysis requested by the user. Also compatible with microarray .CEL files for a limited number of predictions. 

No pre-processing is required to be done on sequencing data. All the processing including alignment, QC, variant calling, variant annotation and downstream analysis will be done in an automated way within Rayca data processing pipelines. 

Yes. Rayca offers you an end-end encrypted storage for you to upload your sequencing data. 

Yes. Rayca Precision offers you a secured dashboard for clients to manage orders and analysis.